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By: Ann Jones

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Monday, 17-Sep-2012 07:37 Email | Share | | Bookmark is authorized authentic Louis Vuitton outlet. All the items our site are 100% authentic. All Louis Vuitton Handbags will come with the authenticity card, serial No., dust bag and care booklet. We promise you will be 100% satisfied when you get such cheap authentic Louis Vuitton handbags from us!
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Plan your Spring Break road trip with Louis Vuitton Keepall

When the weather starts to get a little warmer, my mind always turns to one thing: ROADTRIP! Never mind the fact that I don’t have a car because I live in New York, or the fact that it’s not quite warm enough for a trip to any beach within driving distance to be enjoyable. My internal clock is still tuned to Spring Break, and I’m starting to get that itch to drive down to the Florida coast like we did every year in high school.
Unfortunately, Florida is a lot further from New York than it is from Atlanta, where I grew up, and it’s not quite warm enough yet to make one of the beaches up North an enjoyable jaunt. I can still plan for that eventuality, though, and in a perfect world, I’d be packing my bathing suits and flip flops into a bag like the Louis Vuitton Keepall. It may be the perfect weekender.
With the high price and fine leather of this bag, I’d probably be too nervous to take it on an airplane, even as a carry on, but I could certainly see myself throwing it in the back seat of a rental convertible and setting out for the coast. This kind of bag is the perfect size for a trip of a few days to a week, as long as you’re not packing heavy winter coats and boots, which is why it’s best to save it for summer if it’s going to be your primary luggage.
This bag is a fantasy piece for me, but Louis Vuitton‘s non-monogrammed pieces are often so beautiful that as someone who’s not a monogram lover, I can’t help but zero in on them and obsess. What’s your dream weekender bag and where would you take it? If you and I are on the same page, you can order this bag via, price is $285.
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Check Out the New Authentic Louis Vuitton Purses Site

When you’re a brand with as giant a product line as Louis Vuitton‘s, designing a website can understandably be a bit difficult. Showing dozens upon dozens of bags, most of which come in multiple materials and sizes, without showing too much to potential counterfeiters is tricky at best, not to mention incorporating all the other multimedia content that it now takes to paint a cogent picture of a modern luxury brand. I wouldn’t want to be the person tasked with figuring out a usable way to do all of that.
Vuitton found someone who was up to the task, though, and the results of the redesign are mostly solid. At the very least, if you were hoping for easier organization of product pages and larger images, the new site gives you exactly that. It isn’t without its problems, though, and I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.
First and foremost, I hope your computer is hardy and current. I’m using a year-and-a-half-old MacBook Pro with Apple’s newest operating system and an up-to-date version of Google Chrome, and the website eventually crashed both my browser’s Flash player and my browser itself. Things have been a little unstable since I upgraded to OSX Lion last month, so I won’t blame it entirely on Vuitton’s site, but the enormous graphics and video backdrops will likely stress any but the most finely tuned systems. Perhaps in a nod to this problem, Vuitton seems to have reduced the resolution of some of those huge background videos, which leads to a blurrier backdrop than I would have expected from a brand with a reputation for details.
On the positive side of the multimedia coin, the new site is much more rich in content than the previous design. It’s relatively easy to view videos from brand ambassadors like Angelina Jolie, take a look at the just-shown Spring 2012 collection and explore Louis Vuitton’s collaborations with various contemporary artists, if you’re the kind of consumer who wants to do those things. If you’re interested in fashion as an industry, there’s plenty to see.
It will likely be the online shoppers who are most pleased with the new design, though. Navigating through Vuitton’s litany of materials is much easier with this version, and although you still don’t get a chance to view a much-needed grid of thumbnails when searching for a product, toggling between material and size is much easier. The side-to-side flow of products make me feel a little motion sick, but fashion sites seem to adore the setup so much that I doubt it’ll go anywhere anytime soon. Overall, the site seems to be an upgrade in both senses of the word, as long as your computer can handle it.

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Five reasons everyone should own a Louis Vuitton Speedy

We've already covered why you need to own a Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag, a Louis Vuitton Alma bag and even a Louis Vuitton Artsy bag, but those obviously aren't the only iconic bags that a woman needs in her wardrobe. Your bag collection shouldn’t be missing a Louis Vuitton Speedy, but if it is, we’ve got a few things you might want to consider.
1. In the world of designer handbags, they’re relatively affordable: Despite the fact that the price of a Speedy has gone up by over $100 since I bought mine a few years ago, they’re still something of a steal in the great scheme of designer bags. Speedies start at $665 for the 25 cm monogram version, and for an iconic bag from one of the biggest luxury companies on the planet, you’re not going to find a better deal. Bags with similar storied histories and famous followings will set you back thousands of dollars.
2. Don’t like monogram? There are dozens of other options: Monogram canvas may be the most popular material for this particular bag, but don’t let that fool you in to thinking that it’s the only one. A lot of people aren’t fond of logo prints (I happen to be one of them), and for those people, there are Damier and Epi leather options always available, as well as whatever graced the runways that season. Fall/Winter 2010 will be of particular interest to Speedy lovers – Vuitton showed nothing but dozens of different Speedies in a variety of leathers and exotics. If you want logos, however, Vuitton comes up with a new version practically every season – watercolor, roses, cherries, pop-art pandas, graffiti. I could go on, but you get the idea.
3. Louis Vuitton bags are practically indestructible: This one requires little explanation for a true bag lover – even people that aren’t Vuitton fans know that their bags are historically very well-made, particularly the traditional styles. Also, if your Speedy were to require repair, Vuitton has better service for those kinds of things that almost any other brand I can think of, save for Hermes. As I mentioned previously, however, good luck finding an Hermes bag for less than a grand.
4. The shape can fit in any woman’s wardrobe: Speedies range in size from petite to quite large, and if you’d rather not wear a bag on your arm, Vuitton offers a crossbody strap to keep you hands-free. The brand’s purists will caution against using it, but crossbodies have become so very modern in the past year that wearing a Speedy as a messenger might actually be a good way to update it. Once you’ve decided how to carry it, even the 25cm version has plenty of room for all of your daily essentials.
5. If it was good enough for Audrey Hepburn, it should be good enough for most of us: Grace Kelly may have been a fan of Hermes, but Audrey Hepburn was continually photographed wearing her favorite Louis Vuitton Speedy. Some people may say that the bag is played out, but don’t let people who chase labels dissuade you from enjoying a bag that has an important historical place in the lineage of the luxury handbag. With all of the different size and design permutations, there’s a Speedy out there to suit every style.
For more information on the Louis Vuitton Speedy, please visit

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